Definite Signs that You’re a Technophile

We all know whether we’re pro technology or against it. Going further, we know whether we really love everything to do with technology or whether we take it in our stride and use it because we can and want to. Finding out whether you’re a tech bum is easy enough once you read the “symptoms”.

Latest Gadgets

You have the latest releases in every sphere of technological innovation if you can afford it… because you’ve already pre-ordered it online the day they were announced. One may find that the technophile has changed gadgets at least once every two or three months. They are seen with something new every time they meet the same person. You can even dish on the gossip and production issues of each gadget during its development stage.

Tried to Fix Something at least Once in Life

At some point in life, the technophile has tried to prise open a malfunctioning piece of machinery and mend it. What happened of the gadget decided their career there and then. A crappy “fixer-upper” became a game tester and professional reviewer. The good “fixer-upper” became the engineer. Both respected, though.

Sometimes Broke

As a result of buying so